Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down Kris Kristofferson

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C D Em G

Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down  Kris Kristofferson

Capo on the first fret.
Verse 1:
Well I Gwoke up Sunday morning
with noC way to hold my head, thaGt didn't hurt
and the beer I had for breakfast
wasn't bad soEm I had one more for desseDrt
Verse 2:
Than I Gfumble through my closet for
my clothes and found my cleanest dirCty shirtG
and I shaved my face and cEmombed my hair
and stumbled down the stairs to meeDt the day
Verse 3:
I'd smoGked my brain the night before
and cigCarettes and songs that I've been pickin'G
but I lit my first and watched Ema small kid
cussin' at a can that he was kiDcking
Verse 4:
Then I Gcrossed the empty street and caught
the sunCday smell of someone fryin' chiGcken
and it took me back to somethin' that
I'd loEmst somehow somewhere along Daway
O/n a sunday mornin' sidewaClks
wishing Lord that I wasG stoned
'cause there is something in a sundayD
that makes a bodGy feel alone
And there's nothin' short oCf dyin'
half as lonesome as the sGound
on the sleepin' city siDde walks
Sunday mornin' comin' doGwn
Verse 5:
In theG park I saw a daddy with
a laugChing little girl whoG he was swingin'
and I stopped beside a sEmunday school
and listened to the song that they were Dsingin'
Verse 6:
Then I Gheaded back for home and
somewheCre far away a lonely bell was rGingin'
and it echoed thru the canEmyon like
the disepparing dreams of yDesterday.
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