Lets Stay Together Al Green

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A9 Am7 Bm C Cmaj7 Dm7 Dm9 Eb Ebm9 Ebmaj7 Em Em/A Em7 Fm9 Fmaj7 G G7

Lets Stay Together  Al Green

Fmaj7       Em7     Dm7     G7                    
Verse 1:
C I..., I'm so in Emlove with you,
Whatever you Fmaj7want to do,
Is all right with Fm9me.
'Cos Bmyou make me Cmaj7feel,
So brand Em7new.
And BmI want to Cmaj7spend,
My Em7life with you.
Verse 2:
C Since, Since we've been Emtogether,
Loving you for-Fmaj7ever,
Is what I Fm9need.
BmLet me be the Cmaj7one,
You come running Emto.
BmI'll never Cmaj7be, Em7Untrue.
Bridge 1:
Dm9 Let's,
Let's stay to-Em7gether,
Lovin' you Dm9whether, whether,
Times are Fmaj7good or Em7bad,
Am7 Happy or Gsad.
Dm9 Ebm9,
Dm9     Eb                              
Bridge 2:
Eb Whether times,
Are Fmaj7good or Em7bad,
Am7 Happy or Gsad.
Verse 3:
C Why,
Why some people Em/Abreak up,
Then turn around, And Fmaj7make up?
I just can't Fm9see.
Em7 You'd Dm7never Cmaj7do,Bm That to A9me.
(Would you, baby?)
Em7 Staying a-Dm7round you, Is Cmaj7all   BmI  A9see.
(Here's what I want us to do);
Dm9 Let's,
We oughta stay to-Em7gether,
Loving you Dm9whether, whether,
Times are Dm9good or Em7bad,
Dm7 Happy or Gsad.
(Repeat to Fade)
  Fmaj7         Em7        Dm7        G7        C Em/A
EADGBEx03210  EADGBE022030  EADGBExx0211  EADGBE323000  EADGBEx32010  EADGBExx2030
   Fm9       Cmaj7         Bm        A9       Dm9  Am7
EADGBE1x0110  EADGBEx32000  EADGBEx24432  EADGBE5454xx  EADGBEx5355x  EADGBEx02013
   G       Ebm9       Ebmaj7          Eb        
EADGBE320003  EADGBEx6466x  EADGBEx68786  EADGBE
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