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Justin Pearson Galleries


Here is a great painter we love and know you will to;


Fine Arts Painter Mr J Pearson completed his Bachelor of fine Arts at Byam Shaw School of Art in U.K. In 1988. He has by galleries in Christchurch, most recently in Mittagong NSW. Justin Pearson has displayed his unique capricious style of painting from beautifully executed portraits to scenes of fleeting and whimsical moments in mythology and everyday life, since the 1980's.


Close to home Justin Pearson's works have been submitted in his stylistic and distinctive oil painting portraits in the Sydney based Archibald prize at the { Mr Pearson's has held a deep interest in opera performance for along time with a particular affinity for for the works of German Theatre Director and composer Richard Wagner. As an unofficial artist in residence at the English National Opera Theatre, Justin has spent many days observing recitations from the beside the stage, creating experimental sketches and developing his form of dramatic concepts for paintings. Justin's (interest for major opera has led him to paint a portrait of baritone Warwick Fyfe 2019, for entry in the Archibald prize.


Artist Justin Pearson, Education includes but is not limited to 1982-84: Pre-Foundation: Putney Art School, London. His Major Exhibitions have included; 2013 Maunsell Wicks & Michael Yabsley, Artists Group Show, Wombat Hollow East Kangaloon, Southern Highlands and 2010 Light Horse Gallery, New South Wales


Mr Pearson's Major Awards have been; Fettlers Heritage Art Prize, 2nd Prize Winner, Southern Highlands, 2011


In Justin's paintings, Justin has been working on a series of paintings based on Composer Wagner's ‘The Ring Cycle'. These dramatic works express the themes and narratives of rhetorical mythology, yearning and power. Justin is drawn to the metaphors in Wagner's work and their comments on power and love.


One of Justin's shows was at Gallery Bodalla from January 18 to February 25, 2018.


His paintings include; Don Giovanni (An Enjoyable Night Out) by Justin Pearson. 2011, Before the Entree Painting, 315 H x 39.4 W x 0.8 in Justin Pearson Australia and The Real Estate Agent Painting, 275.6 H x 216.5 W x 0.8 in Justin Pearson Australia

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